If anyone reading this can relate to having  or experiencing anxiety, you know that quieting the mind seems nearly impossible. I can be doing the most relaxing activities like swimming or getting a massage, and my mind is just going a mile a minute…

I should be relaxing right now.

How can I relax when I still have to do a million things?

I’m 21 years old I should be going out more.

It’s summer vacation why do you have a headache everyday?

I still have to call so and so, make this appointment, and email this person.

Stop worrying about those things, you’re doing something relaxing. Be in the moment.

Sometimes controlling your thoughts can be so stressful and frustrating to the point where it actually induces more anxiety. Even when I practice yoga, or meditate, I find it extremley difficult to think a thought and let it pass without indulging into it.

I hope to someday be able to close my eyes, feel the wind, look up at the sun and be completely present with no lingering thoughts or anxieties.

I hope, someday, to just be free from my mind.



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