Hi, my name is…

To be a turtle, able to poke his head in and out when they feel the need to be alone or protected. If only humans could do that. If they are feeling threatened or misunderstood, they can just hide inside of their shell.

That’s how I’ve been feeling lately; misunderstood. I mean, do you ever wonder if people really know you? And how could they really know you, if you do not even know yourself too much? I think as individuals living within a society that lacks solidarity, we are often searching for our identity and sense of self. Whether it be on the cliff of mount everest, a yoga class, or the cobblestone streets of Paris, we search for what makes us feel, well, feel like we know who we are.

Each one of us acquires personality traits and characteristics that we can associate with our being. But when I soul search, I am not so sure of what I see. Often times my personality coincides with my emotions and so it is constantly shifting. Does that mean I do not possess an identity? If there is no foundation of who I am, do I even exist? Or am I just another abstract concept of society that is ambiguous and pointless.



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