You have feelings…?

In a society that rejects emotion, I wish to feel extraordinary amounts

Today’s society, or arguably the millenial generation, has set this norm where having feelings or emotions is ludicrous. One should “get out of his/her feelings” and focus on priorities. Priority, however, might be more accurate considering money seems to be the sole motivator, and main goal of the youth.

My question is why?

Opening your mind and body to emotion is such a vulnerable, yet wonderful experience. I fear that too many individuals are feeding into this social media lifestyle of being heartless, having trust issues, and being attached to no one but themselves, that we have forgotten how amazing it is to have true relationships with our significant others, friends, and even family.

In a sense, people have become outrageously disposable. There is this unspoken precident that every single human being is replaceable; seemingly a tautology. Which  comes first? Alienating one another to the point we have no emotion, or adapting this non-emotional disposition causing us to alienate one another?



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