To be or not to be, normal.

Reaching internal happiness is incredibly difficult. I find the phenomena of normality both disturbing yet intriguing. I wonder how one feels whom considers themselves ‘normal.’ To be comfortable in ones own skin, or to feel cohesive among other individuals of society.

Anxiety and depression have always limited my life, not in a pitiful way. Maintaining relationships is a battle. Everyday tasks, so little as making small talk at a coffee shop with the barista, seem daunting. Anyone know what a good nights sleep feels like without help from sleep inducing medicine?

Now and then I will be so lucky to experience these temporary bursts of positivity, which ultimately convince me that I am productive and unstoppable. I’ve learned not to remain attached, however, because it will not be long before I slip back into the clouds.

Living with a mental illness is conventionally not normal, per se, but arguably common. And people who do not suffer from what I do, can certainly struggle with what I do. So to be normal, that feels..?


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